Will I get an itemized receipt of my order?

Yes. With every order, we will email you an itemized receipt including your frame name, lens add-ons, payment start date and end date, payment method, and billing and shipping addresses.

Will there be a hold on my order?

In order to ensure the accuracy of your order and safety of your eyes, one of our friendly representatives will follow up with you on every What Eyes Want order that includes a prescription.

This follow up process may require your order to be put on a very brief hold, until we have received all of the necessary information we need to start making your lenses.

There will be no hold/delay on non-prescription orders, unless you order a frame that we do not currently have in stock. In this scenario, it may take an extra 2 or 3 days until you receive your order.

Where can I view my orders or track my shipment?

You can view your orders and track your order shipping status at any time in the Orders section of My Account after logging in.

What is included in my order?

We are so appreciative of our customers that we've decided to hook you up with free goodies in every order in addition to your glasses!

Each order will include the following:

- Glasses

- Branded glasses case

- Lens cleaning solution

- Ultra-soft WEW T-Shirt

- WEW glasses-shaped bottle opener

Is there a way I can reorder the same pair?

Yes. As long as we still carry your pair in stock, you are able to reorder the same pair. You can either order the new pair manually through our website, or feel free to contact us to help with the order.

Shipping & Returns

Are there shipping or return fees?

NOPE! Isn't free shipping awesome?! All orders include free shipping and free returns with a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with your glasses.

How do I make a return?

If you are not happy with your glasses, you may return them to us for free within 30 days of the purchase date. You can contact us by phone (844-EYE-WANT), fill out our contact form, or click on the "Return" button beside your order in the My Account section. We will email you a paid-for return label. You will receive a full refund upon our receipt of your return.

How long until my glasses arrive?

Prescription glasses are a custom product, crafted specifically for your pair of eyes. It is a product that requires careful attention to detail, and thus takes time to produce.

On average, prescription eyewear will arrive in 7-21 days, depending on the complexity of your prescription.

Non-prescription and frame only eyewear will arrive within 7 days, depending on whether we currently have your frame in stock.

We thank you in advance for your patience. We will do our absolute best to work efficiently to improve our turnaround time!


If my prescription is expired, where can I get a new one?

Valid prescriptions must be less than 1 year old in order for us to apply them to your lenses. If your prescription has expired, you may get a new one at your local eye doctor or optical chain.

What is my PD and how do I get it?

PD stands for Pupillary Distance - or the distance in millimeters between the center of your left and right pupils.

Most eye prescriptions include a section for your PD measurement. If you have two PD measurements on your prescription - one is for the distance between your right pupil and the center of your nose (OD), and the other PD measurement is the distance between your left pupil and the center of your nose.

If you do not have a PD measurement, you can attempt to measure it yourself by holding a millimeter ruler up to your eyes while looking into a mirror, or have someone else measure it for you. Your eye doctor should be able to measure it for you free of charge.

If you measure it yourself, be sure to measure it multiple times to ensure accuracy. A PD measurement is vital in optimizing where your prescription sits on your lenses.

Can you help me read my prescription?

Until we write an awesome post about reading your eye prescription, here is an educational video from an optometrist named Trisha explaining the eye prescription in layman's terms:

Where do I enter my prescription?

If your frame purchase requires a prescription, we will have you provide one on the 2nd step of the Checkout page.We provide the following options for how you would like us to receive your prescription:1. Upload a file or image of your prescription2. Add your prescription manually3. Request your prescription from your eye doctor4. Send it to us later if you do not currently have itYou can add or edit your prescription(s) at any time in the My Account section.


Can I pay the full price of the frame at checkout?

What Eyes Want was founded on the idea of 12 monthly payments for our designer eyewear, so we do not currently offer the ability to pay the full price at checkout. However, after your first monthly payment, you will be able to pay off your remaining balance at any time in the Orders section of My Account.

What if I don't have enough money in my account for a monthly payment?

If you have either reached your credit card limit or paid with a debit card and do not have enough money in your account for your next monthly payment, you may either add a new card in your My Account section, or you may contact us to resolve the issue.

You can reach us at 844-EYE-WANT, or fill out our Contact Us form, and we will follow up with you as soon as possible!

Are the payments automatically withdrawn?

Yes. After you submit your first monthly payment at checkout, the remaining 11 payments will be automatically charged on the same day each month to the card that you provide.

Once your glasses have been paid off, your payments will stop!

Note: If you purchase glasses on a day of the month that does not exist in every month (January 31, for example), your next payments will come on the last day of the months following (February 28 or 29, March 31, April 30, etc.).

What if I am late on a payment?

Due to our automatic payment system (a la Netflix), you will never have to worry about making your payments on time!

The card you provide at checkout will automatically be charged each month, and will stop once your balance is paid off.

Can I pay more than my scheduled monthly payment?

We are still working on a system that will allow you to pay any amount more than your scheduled monthly payment.

However, we do provide the ability to pay off your remaining balance at any time you wish. You can do so in the My Account section (after signing in), or you may contact us to pay off your frames over the phone 844-EYE-WANT.

Do you accept vision insurance?

Unfortunately, we cannot take any vision insurance with your glasses purchase. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

How do I know if my information is safe?

We use Stripe as our trusted payment gateway. Stripe handles billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses like ours around the world. Their investors include PayPal co-founder Elon Musk, and the people at Stripe helped start Skype.

Stripe focuses heavily on fraud prevention and online banking infrastructure to ensure the safety of all their users.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners Club.However, we do have a few restrictions, in an attempt to limit our risk.- Orders purchased with a credit card have a limit of 3 pairs per order.- Orders purchased with a debit card have a limit of 2 pairs per order.- Orders purchased with a prepaid card must pay 5 monthly payments up front. The remaining 7 payments will be monthly.If you wish to order more pairs than our limit, we will allow it after we receive 6 successful monthly payments on your original order. Thanks for your understanding.

Frames and Lenses

What do the numbers on my frame mean?

Each manufacturer provides different frame information on their glasses. The most common trio of numbers are lens width, bridge width, and temple length (in millimeters), typically formatted with hyphens in between the dimensions (50-16-140).

Other numbers often found include the style code (i.e.- RB2132) or the color code, which is often three digits (i.e.- 001).

What are the differences in your frame materials?

Acetate: The majority of our plastic frames are made out of a material called acetate, or cellulose acetate. Acetate is a hypoallergenic, plant-based plastic that is much more durable, flexible, and lightweight than typical plastic. It's the highest quality plastic used in glasses today. Complex and rich colors are achievable with acetate due to the ability to layer colors on top of each other.

TR90: TR90 is an ultra-lightweight, flexible thermoplastic made from Swiss technology. It can be easily adjusted to fit your face, and is tough enough to absorb any hard impacts. TR90 offers an extremely comfortable fit, and is so light that it's easy to forget you are wearing them!

Metal: Our metal frames are scratch-resistant, durable, flexible, and often made of stainless steel. Perfect for those looking for a reliable, everyday frame that is less bulky than some plastic frames.

Titanium: Titanium frames are often thinner, lighter, and more flexible than steel or aluminum. It's among the strongest materials on the market today. Titanium is a long-lasting, contemporary look with minimal weight.

My frame is out of stock. What now?

If a frame that you are interested in is labeled "Out of Stock", it is either a frame that we are in the process of re-ordering, or it is no longer being manufactured, and we are in the process of locating one.Please feel free to contact us to get the inside scoop on any "out of stock" frame that sparks your interest. We will do our absolute best to get every frame in stock, even if it requires purchasing one from another online retailer for you!

How do I know what size I need?

All glasses are measured in millimeters, but determining the actual size of a pair is rather tricky. The lens width measurement is the distance from the left side of one lens to the right side of the same lens. Double this measurement (to account for both lenses), and add it to the bridge width to determine the total width of the front of the frame.

For example, if your glasses have a 50 mm lens width and a 15 mm bridge width, the total frame width is 50+50+15= 115mm.

Note: Our sizes are determined by lens width only.

Sunglasses are often much wider than eyeglasses due to style preferences that lean towards larger lenses.

Temple length sizes are easier to determine, as they are just one measurement. Temple fit can be altered by melting the plastic or metal and molding them to fit your ears comfortably.

If you are interested in a different temple fit, you can add a Special Note to your order in the Checkout process, or you can visit any eye doctor or glasses retailer after you receive your glasses, and they should be able to adjust the temples for you at little or no cost.

Are all of your brands authentic?

Yes, of course!We purchase all of our eyewear directly from the brand manufacturer. Our designer eyeglasses and sunglasses are 100% authentic frames, priced monthly to make highly sought after name brands more affordable to you.

Do my glasses come with a warranty?

All glasses purchases come with a 30-day money back guarantee return policy. If you have an issue with your glasses after those 30 days are over, our warranty policy is as follows:

Send your glasses back to us (we will provide a free return label), and we will send you a replacement pair. We will cancel the remaining payments/balance owed on your first pair, and apply a new 12-monthly payment agreement to your replacement pair.

If you would like to switch to a different pair of glasses, or make any adjustments in your prescription, please let us know, so we can make those changes to your replacement pair.

If you are able to keep your frame, and only need replacement lenses, we will simply divide the cost of your new lenses onto your remaining monthly payments.

What lenses do you offer?

We manufacture all of our high-quality, durable lenses at our headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana.We offer three different tiers of lens qualities:Good (Free): Basic 1.50 index plastic lens. Anti-reflective coating that reduces glare and eye strain.Better (+$3 per month): Thinner 1.59 index polycarbonate lens. Anti-reflective coating. Impact-resistant. Repels water and smudges.Best (+$6 per month): Thinnest 1.67 high index plastic lens. Premium anti-reflective coating. Superior scratch and impact resistance. Repels water, smudges and dust.

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